Cheesecake by Design owner Ian Adams has combined favorite, secret, family recipes and perfected the art of cheesecake culinary. They're the richest, creamiest gourmet cheesecakes your palette will ever have the pleasure of experiencing. Each cheesecake is prepared with only the finest ingredients and topped with homemade goodness.

Choose from one of our scrumptious Signature Cheesecakes—Dreamcicle, Rocky Road or Cinnabon, just to name a few. Or take advantage of a service cheesecake lovers have long awaited and as its name describes—Cheesecake by Design. Begin with a buttery, homemade crust, and then choose from several different cheesecake flavors and fillings. Last, but not least, choose from an array of delicious toppings! (Sugar substitutes are available upon request.)

Choose, customize, create—enjoy. The perfect choice for holidays, celebrations or any day. Dessert has never been better! Call or email us today with your custom order.